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About Us

In 2015, a group of gamers and entrepreneurs were looking for a way to cut down their gaming costs while still doing what they enjoyed doing – gaming. They spent many months looking for investors to help grow their concept of getting virtual goods for cheap. What they founded would later become Onlinefunnycentre.com.

As customers have come to discover, Onlinefunnycentre offers gamers a platform by which they can acquire virtual goods legally, safely, and at substantially lower prices. The founders of the organization realized that if gamers had enough funding, they could go directly to the source of the supply and purchase these goods in tremendous quantities then pass the savings on to other gamers. This would not only blossom into a sustainable business model, but would provide a steady supply of discounted virtual goods for their personal use.

Onlinefunnycentre has grown into more than a gamer’s platform, it now provides discounted gift cards that can be used on the platforms of the world’s largest major retailers. As the company has grown, the selections have varied, and the products and services have become more abundant. Not only do gamers benefit from the steady supply of discounted goods, but the average shopper now has a medium by which to save on the purchase of a limitless selection of third-party items from games to food to clothes.

The story of Onlinefunnycentre is that of a group of gamers doing what they love doing and sharing their resources with other gamers. The founders have established a platform dedicated to providing gamers with what gamers need. Customers are ALWAYS put first. If this cornerstone isn’t at first evident in the discounts passed on to the customer, one need look no further than the company’s Affiliate Program, where customers receive vouchers from the accumulation of points not only for their own purchases, but from the purchases of recommended users. Even a simple share of Onlinefunnycentre’s discounted products earns customers vouchers that can be traded in for real products! In this model, more accurately the Onlinefunnycentre model, all parties are beneficiaries -- gamers looking out for fellow gamers; consumers looking out for fellow consumers. Game on!


Onlinefunnycentre Team

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