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Matthew Owen Aug 09, 2018 Rating: 9/10 Broken Age is a modern take on the classic point-and-click adventure genre. It features brain stumping puzzles, a beautiful art style, and a rich and interesting story. The game is developed by Double Fine, a well-known and popular independent game studio. Broken Age made waves in the gaming industry before it even launched, as it was one of the most successful crowdfunding projects to ever grace gaming. We've seen other revivals of the classic point-and-click genre in games like Thimbleweed Park and the Telltale adventure games, but Broken Age stands out from the pack. In fact, it might be one of the best adventure games to ever grace Steam. Broken Age tells the story of two young people in vastly different worlds. Their stories are connected in an overarching sense, but you play as each character individually. The first focal character is Vella, a young girl who lives in the town of Sugar Bunting. When the game starts, we see Vella getting ready for the Maiden's Feast. This ancient tradition involves hand-picking several different girls from the village, and then offering them up as sacrifice. The girls are sacrificed to Mog Chothra, a giant beast that demands the sacrifices or the town will face destruction. Despite her peers being completely okay with the situation, Vella has a bit more common sense. Her first and most immediate objective is to avoid being eaten by the giant monstrosity. Her side of the narrative mainly revolves around solving the mystery of Mog Chothra and saving her village from being destroyed. Broken Age Discounted Steam gift cards at U4Gold. The second half of the story revolves around a young boy named Shay. Shay is the commander of a space ship, and all signs point to him having grown up on the ship itself. Besides his sentient spoon and the robots that keep him fed, Shay is alone. Unless you could the two floating spheres that claim to be his parents. He spends his days eating cereals that taste the same, going on childish missions that seem boring, and wondering about the world outside of the ship. In fact, Shay views the ship and his robot parents as more like a prison than anything else. Most of Shay's story involves learning the true reason for his Intergalactic missions, and finding a way to escape from the ship. Broken Age The first focal character is Vella, a young girl who lives in the town of Sugar Bunting. Despite the overall quality of the entire game, the story stands out as one of the most effective portions. Although Vella and Shay's stories are vastly different from each other, the themes remain the same. Both tales weave a coming-of-age story that is embedded in fantasy and science-fiction worlds. Each character you meet along the way is full of personality and instantly memorable, and that goes double for the protagonists. The mysteries you'll discover offer twists and turns that are truly unpredictable, and there's a certain subversive quality about the narrative that I greatly enjoyed. Even if you don't enjoy the puzzle game play oh, it's hard not to fall in love with the story and the characters within. Broken Age The second half of the story revolves around a young boy named Shay, the commander of a space ship. If you ever played a point-and-click adventure game from the early 90's, you should have a good idea of the kind of gameplay in Broken Age. If you're unfamiliar, the general gameplay Loop is simple enough to understand. Regardless of the character you're playing as, you'll explore the world around you interacting with characters and collecting items. These items can often be used on other characters, combined together, or will help you solve one of the many puzzles in the game. There's a couple of good old-fashioned brainteasers, but for the most part Broken Age is puzzles are of the logical sort. Will often be presented with a complex or seemingly simple problem, and it's up to you to figure out what items will help solve that problem. This, combined with several dialogue sequences, make up the majority of Broken Age's gameplay. Although the puzzles are literal logic puzzles, that doesn't mean the solutions are often very rational. One of the biggest flaws of Broken Age is also one of the biggest flaws with the entire genre; a puzzle will occasionally require extreme out-of-the-box thinking or have entirely ridiculous solutions. You might find yourself quickly looking for a walkthrough or hints, regardless of your puzzle solving ability. Broken Age Discounted Steam gift cards at U4Gold. Like many point and click adventure games, your enjoyment of the experience will ultimately come down to your interest in the story and how quickly you get frustrated by unfair puzzles. Luckily, the story is fantastic and interesting all the way through and the number of seemingly impossible puzzles is pretty low. Given the game's age, you'll most likely be able to find the game at a pretty reasonable discount on Steam. You can lower that price by purchasing one of our discounted steam gift cards, using U4Gold's trusted platform. If you can find the game at a price that feels reasonable to you, we highly suggest you pick it up. At the very least, Broken Age tells a hilarious and charming story that is quite unlike anything we've seen before.

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