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Onlinefunnycentre Aug 26, 2018 With every new season of Fortnite, developer Epic has added brand new features that redefine the gameplay. With the latest season (season five), that's no different. Although the core gameplay remains the same, the massively popular battle royale mode has undergone significant changes. If you haven't played in a while and you're curious about what's new, or just looking to brush up on the basics, this is a great place to start. While this article won't have things like damage modifications or super in-depth balancing changes, it will note all major changes. With new vehicles, new locations, and tons of new guns, season five has been an absolute blast. Here's the most notable changes that have shaken things up. The ATK Although earlier patches introduced the shopping cart as a ridiculous way to get around, season five saw the introduction of a more powerful vehicle; the ATK. Although it looks like a simple golf cart, the ATK can drift, get up to some high speeds, and allow for fun strategies. If you're looking to get across the map in a pinch, this vehicle is perfect. Additionally, it's tons of fun to grab a few friends and pull off drive-by shootings or go squad hunting. The ATK definitely changes the game quite a bit, but luckily, it hasn't completed dominated the meta. Fortnite Get Discounted vBucks in Onlinefunnycentre.com Rifts One of the most interesting and lore-driven features is the appearance of rifts. When season five first launched, fans of Fortnite got an interesting marketing treat. One of the game's mascots appeared in a real-life desert, while simultaneous rifts appeared in game. The significance of the rifts is pretty crazy when talking about the ever-growing story behind the battle royale mode. However, it also shakes up gameplay a bit as well. Entering a rift shoots you high up into the air, which allows you re-deploy your parachute and quickly reposition. Additionally, areas with rifts are often great spots to find chests. It's not the most stealthy way to get around, but hopping in a rift is better than nothing when you need transportation. 4 Major Changes to Fortnite in Season Five New Skins Season five launched with plenty of cool new skins, and as we approach a new patch, things are looking pretty cool cosmetic-wise. The concept of “clashing worlds” is something brought up by the inclusion of rifts, and upcoming skins in Fortnite seem to reinforce that. If leaks are to be trusted, upcoming skins will feature groovy hippy skins, samurai skins, modern military skins, and more. With each passing season, the cosmetics in Fortnite get more and more ridiculous. I absolutely love the creativity that is shown by Epic Games with these cosmetics, even if all of them can't be winners. 4 Major Changes to Fortnite in Season Five New Locations If there's one thing to know about season five, it's the inclusion of a new biome (desert), and two corresponding locations. The bottom right portion of the map has now been turned into a dry but wacky desert, and there's a new location to boot; Paradise Palms. Besides hanging out at this luxury resort and taking in the sun, there are plenty of other activities to take part in. You can hop in an ATK and have a round of go-karts at the race track, you can scavenge a scrap yard, and even find some dinosaurs. The other new location is Lazy Links, a golf course that sits at the north point of the map. Here, you can find wide open spots (great for picking off players with a sniper), and this is the primary location for finding ATKs. In addition to these two named locations, several other areas have been added, but you'll have to seek those out on your own. Fortnite Get Discounted vBucks in Onlinefunnycentre.com Those are all the major changes to Fortnite as we continue into season five. The newest patch (5.30) will be releasing soon, and that should include the aforementioned skins as well as some balancing changes. There might be a few new weapons, as well as some new areas of interest, but we'll have to wait until the patch drops to be sure. Until then, keep frosty and keep getting those victory royales!

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